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Raining Hope provides food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education for 21 students & staff in Uganda. 


The students are shown the love of Jesus Christ

and taught to share that love with others.

The students at Raining Hope have been rescued from a life without hope, without love and without guidance. They have been given an opportunity to become well-loved, well-trained and well-educated servants of God.

They are focused students who are thankful for

the opportunity to get a good education.

They are joy-filled followers of Jesus who take seriously

the opportunity to impact others' lives for God.

They are worshipers who live for God's glory.

They are servants, who take nothing for granted & are

passionate about sharing God's love with others in tangible ways.


Raining Hope is making a life-long investment to raise up a generation of people who will be used by God to change Uganda and the world. 


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Celebrate our13-year Anniversary with us!
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Meet Our Staff

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Mama Eydie Kisakye

Executive Director


Raining Hope Manager

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Our Home in Uganda

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Meet Godfrey - Raining Hope Manager

My name is Godfrey, born on December 24,1984. Both my parents passed on when I was at age 9. It was such a hard time for me as child. I stayed with my step mother who tortured me both physically and psychologically.


Because of too much suffering, I retreated to the streets begging for leftover foods and sleeping with friends in unfinished buildings. This kind of life saw me with bad youth groups that were notorious and doing unlawful things.


It was in that kind of state that the Lord called me to salvation when I was 15 years of age. I joined Cornerstone Baptist Church where I was groomed in the Word of God.


It is there that I met a wonderful mother, Eydie Kisakye who had come from California on a mission’s trip. Mum Eydie helped me in many ways even seeing me through my wedding with Irene who is my wife to taking care of us. God put our hearts together as we share many things in common as far as ministry is concerned.


I have a heart for the orphans and other less privileged children and youth. It’s a heart that God put upon me based on what I suffered. I want to see many heads of suffering children and youths lifted up in triumphal hope and dreams restored the very thing Mum Eydie Kisakye is living for. No wonder God binds our hearts around the same desire he put in both of us.


It is in this Spirit that God chose to make me part of Raining Hope as manager through Mum Kisakye. Since then, there has been an awakening in the lives of many here in Uganda. Our children and young adults are going to school, joining institutions, are healthy and their dreams are coming true.


My life and family have been changed over the years as I am part of this noble cause that the Lord is doing in Raining Hope. My dream is to reconcile men to God through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to help many live in a real relationship with God. It is always my prayer to be a faithful preacher. I have seen this happen over time even as I serve with Raining Hope.


God grows me daily as I lead and take care of his people. It is such a noble task and great opportunity to serve others and be part of God’s activity in them.


I therefore, in a special way want to thank my Mum Kisakye for the unwavering love and care that she renders unto us as we mark our 10th anniversary. I thank all the friends, and partners for the great support of love over time. May God richly bless you all for making me who I am today and becoming every day.


When our time here on the earth is done, our works of kindness will follow us. It is such a noble task to live one entire life for rebuilding lives and restoring hope. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. We hold you all with the highest regard.


Happy 10TH Anniversary

With love, Godfrey