Beacon of Hope Sponsorship FAQ

How do I sign up to sponsor a child?

Sponsorship is a minimum of $30 a month.   You are welcome to give more than the minimum amount.  The monthly average per student to cover food, shelter, clothing, medicine, education, supplies etc. is closer to $90 per month depending on the age of the student and their education level.   But to make it affordable we set the minimum at $30 a month so more people could be involved in sponsorship. 


How to you make your monthly payments:

  1. You can write a check each month and mail it to our stateside office:   Raining Hope Inc.   3451 Foothill Road #206 - Ventura, CA 93003

  2. Or, to use a credit card, go to the Menu above and click on “Donate.”  The site is designed to accept one-time gifts or recurring monthly gifts.  For sponsorship, choose a recurring monthly gift.

  3. Raining Hope pays a small processing fee for online donations. This is standard practice for all credit cards and payment services.  If you prefer for Raining Hope to receive 100% of your donation, you may write a check each month.

Will I be sponsoring a specific child?

No.  Raining Hope currently has twenty-five children we care for living under the same roof.  All of the children in our home have individual sponsors.  Instead of having multiple sponsors per child, we are shifting from a one-to-one child sponsorship program to a monthly highlighted child model that we are launching as “Beacon of Hope Sponsorship.”  Raining Hope has looked into other faith-based organizations who are successfully following this model.  Donors who already sponsor a specific child will be able to continue with their individual sponsorship.


What is a Beacon of Hope Sponsorship?

Because the majority of our children live together at our home, our goal is for you to get to know all of our children that make up our Raining Hope family.  We have a wide range of ages, but most of our children are the equivalent of Jr. High, High School and young adults.  We have watched these children grow up since Eydie’s first mission’s trip in 2006.  Each one of our children has a powerful story to tell.  In order to get to the heart of Raining Hope and our mission, this new model is the way you can be more acquainted with our children who are Raining Hope.

What does my money provide?

All money given to our sponsorship program is put into a fund that allows Raining Hope to cover housing, food, clothing, medical care, school fees, supplies, uniforms and spiritual discipleship for all the children.


How long of a commitment is my sponsorship?

We do not have an end date to your sponsorship donation.  Your Raining Hope sponsorship will continue until you contact us.  We understand that life has its seasons, and circumstances change.  If you are not able to financially continue your sponsorship on a monthly basis, we request you simply contact us to let us know.  


Can I write a letter to the children in the sponsorship program?

Yes, with specific guidelines and frequency.  For those who are individual sponsors, it will be required that you write a letter to your child when Eydie travels to Uganda (at least twice a year).  We currently do not send letters any other time in the year.  


For those who are under our new Beacon of Hope Sponsorship, you may write letters that are addressed, “Dear Raining Hope Family,” but not to any one individual student.  We will give each studentin the home a copy of your letter.  We have found this to be the most effective & encouraging way to keep in touch with our family.  You will receive a letter back that will be written by one of the children on behalf of all of them.  As a sponsor you will receive more detailed information on guidelines for writing letters.


Can I give gifts to my sponsored student/Raining Hope?

If you would like to give a gift to the home in general, we currently accept monetary gifts only that will be used at the discretion of the staff.  Remember, our students live together as a family.  They see and compare who receives letters and gifts and who doesn’t.  This is different from other organizations whose children don’t live together.  We can only give gifts when every student can receive one, and the gifts need to be equal.  Our Uganda staff has requested that specific gifts not be sent.  Eydie will notify sponsors that donations are needed to buy gifts for all the students.  Please wait until this time to give designated offerings for the students.  Eydie works closely with the Ugandan staff and knows best what is needed.


Your gifts and letters are deeply appreciated.  Our goal is to keep the unity of the family in the home.  Your words of encouragement as they continue to advance in their education and goals is what they need the most to give them hope. 


Can I make a trip to visit the children at Raining Hope?

We are in a season in which Raining Hope is not currently hosting or offering any short-term ministry trips both team and individual.  


What if I don’t have email?

You can request that the exclusive sponsorship newsletter be sent to a home or office address. 


Is Raining Hope an orphanage?  Do you take more children in?

We have never been categorized as an orphanage.  We have been registered as Raining Hope Children’s Home since 2009.  In 2015, we officially changed our registration in Uganda to Raining Hope Ministries to encompass the growth in spiritual discipleship and reaching out to the community.


The definition of an orphanage is “a place where children whose parents have died can live and be cared for: a home for orphans.” (Webster’s Dictionary).  Most of our children still have a parent or guardian in their lives. We only have a few who no longer have both parents.  Raining Hope also encourages the truth that none of our children are orphans because we are a part of the family of God. Many parents and guardians cannot care for their children.  By allowing them to be a part of a home such as ours, they are giving them the chance to succeed in the future. 


We are committed to these twenty-five children that we have watched grow up since 2006. The cost of schooling in Uganda increases as students continue from primary to secondary school.  Post-secondary education costs will greatly increase our school fee budget.  Raining Hope is committed to helping our students through university or vocational school and then launching them in their new careers.  Most organizations have to send students out of their programs once they reach 18 years old.  We have been given special permission to keep our children under this special program.


We have not been accepting any new children in the program due to increasing costs of being committed to post-secondary school education.  Last year, the Ugandan government set strict new policies and guidelines that prohibits us from accepting new children under our current program.

With the new restrictions and closures, Raining Hope is moving towards transforming lives through the community.  We will be able to help a wider group of people as we develop these community based projects.  We are empowering our twenty-five students to reach beyond our walls into the Ambercourt community.  We are already connecting our children to the community through our church ministry.  Our new direction will help us in the quest to e one of the few homes that will stay opened in Jinja.  Our home needs to have a direct impact on the community.  The government is looking for homes that impact people with their program.


I have more questions. How do I get those answered?

For further questions, you can email Eydie at and we will be in touch as soon as possible.  If you have any questions concerning billing and donations, please contact Carol John at carol@raininghope,org . 


Is Raining Hope a non-profit organization?

Yes. In 2009 Eydie Miskel founded Raining Hope Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent the law allows.


This new direction in our sponsorship program has come after a season of listening to the Lord and the direction He wanted us to move.  It has come after much prayer and seeking God’s best for the children and their future. It came with much input from the Uganda staff which takes into consideration cultural differences.  The Raining Hope Board will continue to be obedient to listening to His voice and following in the direction that He guides us.