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Since becoming involved with caring for children in Uganda, we always moved forward in the way that we thought it was always done. We have successfully taken care of children in one home, sending them to school & taking care of all of their needs. But not all of our children are orphans. Many of them still have a parent or a guardian. Families sacrifice keeping their kids with them at home because they want to give them a chance for a future. Raining Hope is taking a bold stand for the family. We are shifting to keep families together!


This ministry shift will take place in January 2015. We will continue to take care of all of the needs of the children in our care. But they now will be able to be raised in their own homes! I have received GREAT feedback from Ugandans that this would be in the best interest of all involved. We would keep children who are orphaned or have unsafe home situations in the home with our staff. Once we are successful in this, I was given great counsel that we could then begin moving to other areas that really need help sending children to school. The goal will be to give more children the opportunity to attend school so they too have a hope for the future. We can do this if we make this ministry shift.


Our school system functions on a tri-semester program. In between each school session there is at least a 1 month break. It would be during those holidays that I plan to take teams to do a “camp” for the children. We also plan to do Saturday or Sunday family days at the home in between those camps to strengthen the Raining Hope family. Currently the holidays are around April, August, November/December. 




Raining Hope acquired 4 acres of prime land on Lake Victoria a few years ago. Our original idea was to build our home on that land. We have not been idle in trying to determine the best course of action. The reason we have not moved forward in building is because there is still no outlet for electricity there. It is a more remote area that is difficult to get to unless we travel by boat. By car the travel is too long and far from town. A hotel was suppose to have been built on the plot next to us. We were relying on this happening as electricity and better roads would have been a part of it. To date, there is still no movement on that plot of land.


It is still not economical or practical to build the home on that land right now. We are still focusing on using that land for crops which would help with our food supply.

Raining Hope has been presented an opportunity to purchase a house in the town of Jinja. This house would be perfect location for Raining Hope. With the new shift in ministry, Jinja is more central to everything. It is also just around the corner from the hotel we stay at.


It would be better for us to purchase this home ready to move in rather than spend the next few years trying to raise money to build. We are glad we waited on the Lord for direction and did not go ahead of Him. This is the right time and the right move.

The cost for purchasing the home will be $120,000. We won the bid on acquiring the house! We need to come up with 1/2 the purchase price in order to move in by January. We will the have 4 years to pay the rest off. We are praying that we can raise the total amount sooner. This would be such an answer to prayer to no longer deal with back rent and difficult landlords.




In the book, “The Power of One-On-One” by Jim Stump, he emphasized how Jesus poured his entire life into the lives of the 12 disciples. “At the end of his mission on earth, after he had suffered on the cross and risen from the grave to defeat death once and for all, just before ascending back to heaven to be with his Father for eternity, he gave his disciples one last charge:


‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ (Matthew 28:19-20)


He didn’t say to them, ‘Go preach about me,’ or ‘Go share the Good News,’ or even ‘Go build a megachurch in every city.’ What he said was, ‘Go and make disciples...’”


Raining Hope has 32 students that we are committed to this discipleship process. Many of our children are older (high school age). Our ministry shift intentionally will be focusing on mentoring and discipleship training. The new house will be used as an office, discipleship center, staff housing and site for our holiday camps.


“You change the world by reshaping hearts and lives from the inside out. By walking with people on a daily basis, teaching them how to live by modeling a Christlike life, You change the world one individual at a time.” Jim Stump 




Doctor, lawyer, politician, pastor. These are just a few of the plans that the Raining Hope kids are working towards. They are serious about changing the world. Raining Hope is serious about helping them to do just that. This is The Ugandan Dream!

The Ugandan Dream is the vision that the Raining Hope kids have to grow into people of influence, who can be used by God to transform Uganda, Africa, and the world, for His glory.